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The Regional Employment Collaboratives were created to provide the connection between a traditionally untapped candidate pool and employers. Additionally, we provide skills training to job seekers and job developers, as well as scholarships to candidates to improve their career readiness and workplace skill sets.

We provide employers with a single point of contact to the combined talent pools of dozens of agencies, offering a "one stop shop" for busy recruiters, talent acquisition professionals, and HR departments. To sustain our successful, award-winning model, we've launched an Sponsorship Initiative in which our employer partners can benefit from our workforce development, marketing, and public relations efforts.

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Being a Regional Employment Collaboratives Sponsor provides your company with:

  • An opportunity to positively impact local and statewide workforce development
  • Ability to support low cost, socially aware diversity staffing solution
  • Access to a diverse talent pool for your company's job openings
  • Improved employee morale
  • Brand awareness for your company
  • Opportunity to increase market share
  • Company-specific training program consultation, assessment, and/or development



For more information on the Sponsorship Initiative, contact Stephanie L. Marks, Director, Riverside Employment Collaboratives at 781-686-8146 or smarks@riversidecc.org